Cost-saving transport racks
for flexible use on Euro pallets

Eloorac Transportgestell Video
Eloosafe Spannklemme

Eloosafe Spannklemme

Beamer Paletten-Heber

Beamer Paletten-Heber

Eloowheel Transportrollen

Eloowheel Transportrollen

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New Eloorac Brochure 19/20

It was time to update the old prospectus. Now even more details about transport racks which show you that you can also profit from the Eloorac system…

Founders’ Forum Pro Wirtschaft GT

Interview with Elooac Transport systems “When an idea fails, I do something new” It has been a good four years since Carsten Böttcher dared to take the decisive step…

Rolls for Pallets

Eloowheel rolls are easily mounted on pallets without the need for tools. The flexibility of the roller system is a plus point…

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Demountable reusable transport systems

Who uses Eloorac transport racks?

Good question! Eloorac was originally conceived as a returnable transport rack and load carrier on Euro pallets for glass, front doors, windows, fences and natural stone slabs. However, many more industries now use the Eloorac transport rack. It can be said that everyone who handles with flat products can also be an Eloorac customer. Joineries, stand builders and furniture manufacturers also use the Eloorac as an in-house storage system.

Eloorac is reusable and certified

Eloorac transport racks are not disposable products. Many customers report that the Eloorac frame is much too stable to be used only once. Also for these reasons we can say with a clear conscience that our transport system is to be regarded as an absolute reusable system.

Eloorac stands on pallets

The basis for the Eloorac is primarily the Euro pallet or the Europool pallet. However, some customers use their own pallets. These can be larger pallets made of wood or metal. The Eloorac transport frame can be used relatively flexibly. But we are also happy to respond to customer wishes!

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1.2 » 1.0 | Eloorac transport racks

Functionality of the Eloorac transport racks:

1. Quick assembly

Tested fastening with PET Tape: When assembling an Eloorac, only fasteners are used, which are usually also used to secure the goods.

2. Alternative attachment

Alternative fastening (not tested): By using a screw and a flat bar with threaded holes, the Eloorac frame is clamped to the pallet.

3. Enormous space savings

Due to the slotted cross bars, it is possible to insert further upright cheek sections. With each additional A-part the weight class of the frame increases automatically.

4. Easy return

1. Dismantled Elooracs at the construction site can be stowed in the assembly trolley to save space. 2. The individual Eloorac parts are prepared in the workshop for return transport to the supplier. 3. + 4. When several orders have been processed, all Eloorac racks can be collected at one time at one place for reuse at the supplier. There is no need to drive to individual construction sites.

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1.3 » 1.0 | Eloorac transport racks

All Eloorac transport racks at a glance

This is our “Phone Explanation Picture“. For outsiders this confusion does not make sense immediately. From a design point of view it is even a catastrophe. But no matter. Many interested customers call us to learn more about the Eloorac transport system. So that we can quickly explain the most basic characteristics of the Eloorac reusable transport racks during the telephone call, all important details have been summarized in this picture. Call us, too. You will probably smile when you are led to this picture. Tel: +49 (0) 5244 – 974656 You can find even more details about the transport racks here or by clicking on the large button “Details about the transport rack”.

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1.4 » 1.0 | Eloorac transport racks

Videos of the ELOORAC Transport Rack

Transport racks mount as required

Transport rolls mounted on pallets

Eloorac stabilize Transport racks

Eloorac racks on the test bench

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Drawings, dimensions, variants

Please click on one of the drawings to get to the detail page with further drawings.

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This page is about cost-saving transport racks that can be extended at any time.