Cost-saving transport racks
for flexible use on Euro pallets

Product Overview


Transport racks

Eloorac transport racks are attached to Euro pallets or EPAL pallets with PET or plastic straps.


Transport rolls

Eloowheel transport rolls are attached to various combinations of Euro pallets.


Pallet lifting bar

Beamer Pallet lifting device for lifting Euro pallets, EPAL pallets or other pallets such as Knauf pallets.


Safety clamp

Eloosave clamping safety device for Euro pallets or EPAL pallets can also be placed on non-returnable pallets and secure products.

1.1 » 1.1 | Eloorac racks


Flexible reusable transport racks...

1. 4,8 meter rack

Eloorac A-frames loaded with long products in use in a joinery.

2. Furniture industry

Eloorac frames loaded with wooden panels, used in the furniture industry.

3. Front doors – Windows

Entrance doors standing upright on the Eloorac frame with steel bar as stabilization and windows on an Eloorac for double Euro pallets.

4. Glass transport

Eloorac's high glass frames are secured to the truck with straps.

…for a lot of applications

5. Pallets crane unloading 

Eloorac reusable transport racks on Euro pallets are loaded with glass and metal sheets and lifted by crane using the Beamer pallet lifting bar.

6. Window + stand construction

Illustration of various applications of Eloorac transport racks. As an example, you can see here a window transport frame, a glass trestle for full glass doors to be transported upright and ceiling elements for exhibition stand construction, which are packed on a large transport frame.

Who uses Eloorac transport racks?

Good question! Eloorac was originally conceived as a returnable transport rack and load carrier for glass, front doors, windows, fences and natural stone slabs. However, many more industries now use the Eloorac transport rack.
It can be said that everyone who handles with flat products can also be an Eloorac customer. Joineries, stand builders and furniture manufacturers also use the Eloorac as an in-house storage system.

Eloorac is reusable and certified

Eloorac transport racks are not a disposable product. Many customers report that the Eloorac frame is much too stable to be used only once. Also from these reasons, we can say with a clear conscience that our transport system can be regarded as an absolute returnable system.

Eloorac stands on pallets

The Eloorac is primarily based on the Euro pallet or Europool pallet. However, some customers use their own pallets. These can be larger wooden or metal pallets. The Eloorac transport rack can therefore be used relatively flexibly. We are also happy to respond to customer requests!

1.2 » 1.1 | Eloorac racks

Return of empty racks - no problem with Eloorac

Left: Empty metal frames used for transporting windows are standing on the construction site and waiting for the very complex return transport. Right: An empty Eloorac Transport A-frame is separated or dismantled from the Euro pallet and loaded into an assembly vehicle in a space-saving way.

Empty metal transport racks will eventually make a very long journey home. Freight forwarders such as Dachser or Kühne & Nagel usually do not transport metal transport racks. Own vehicles or special carriers have to travel many kilometres on which not a single cent is earned. Of course, there are additional costs due to traffic jams and tolls.
Eloorac transport racks are dismantled immediately after use and can be stored in a space-saving way in the assembly vehicle or in a place where they do not disturb. There are no more time-consuming return actions with the truck, as your fitters take the Elooracs with them to the company. This means that all racks can always be picked up from one place. Stress due to bulky metal transport racks at construction sites is no longer present.

1.3 » 1.1 | Eloorac racks

How the Eloorac transport racks work:

1. Quick assembly

Eloorac A-frames consist of individual components and are attached to EPAL pallets with plastic straps. The assembly of the Eloorac reusable A-frame works very quickly.

2. Individual sizes

Eloorac system components can be assembled to form transport racks of different sizes. You build your reusable frame according to the LEGO principle.

3. Enormous space savings

Disassembled Eloorac transport racks can be stacked on a Euro pallet or other pallets. They require very little storage space and transport area on the truck when returning.

4. Your own Logo

Eloorac transport racks can be printed with individual logos. By placing a barcode, each Eloorac A-frame can be assigned to an order.

5. Simple return flow

Eloorac reusable transport racks are returned to the workshop in assembly vehicles, saving space and can be transported to the manufacturer from there by a forwarding agent.

6. From small to infinity  

From 4 disassembled Eloorac standard transport racks and Euro pallets or EPAL pallets, a wide variety of Eloorac transport racks are produced.

7. Sliding doors + sheets

Particularly thick windows stand upright and straight on the Eloorac transport frame as well as stainless steel sheets during transport by truck.

8. Table + plasterboards

Ready packed and shrink-wrapped A-frames prepared for dispatch.

9. Premium wodden frames 

Assembled door frames stand upright on an Eloorac transport frame.

10. Glass Doors Logistics

Glass on the glass trestle of Eloorac as a storage rack and glass transport rack secured on the truck with straps.

1.4 » 1.1 | Eloorac racks

All Eloorac transport racks at a glance

Illustration of the Eloorac transport rack model overview with all model types including dimensions

1.5 » 1.1 | Eloorac racks

Helpful videos from the Eloorac

Transport racks according to the Lego modular principle

Maybe your IT specialist has blocked your access to YouTube. In this case please click the field: “No clip? Try it here!” beneath the picture. If the clip is still not working, please try it on your mobile phone or from your private internet access. You won´t be disappointed!

Windows on Eloorac transport racks

Product securing on Eloorac transport racks

Eloorac transport racks on the test bench

Eloorac Transport Rack Features


1. Platzsparend da zerlegbar
2. Geprüfte Stabilität mit Zertifizierung
3. Mehrweg > Kosten sinken um 60 % – 80 %


1. enormous savings of CO² + fine dust
2. Reusable system, therefore environmentally friendly
3. Produced from renewable raw materials

Earn money with Eloorac

The use of Eloorac transport racks results in considerable savings. Considering the optimal use of space during delivery, the lower storage requirements on the company premises and above all the elimination of the costly retrieval of empty metal racks, the following MINIMUM savings can be expected:

Savings compared to
Oneway racks:


Savings compared to
Metal racks:


More Eloorac facts

Many Eloorac’s were
already much more than …



Through Eloorac
you can save up to …


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1.6 » 1.1 | Eloorac racks

Examples from the transport rack practice....

1. Theatre Stage sets

Eloorac transport rack in use as storage rack for theatre scenery. The Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg uses the Eloorac system in many ways.

2. Assembly scaffold

Eloorac transport rack loaded with a disassembled scaffolding including all accessories. The scaffold tower is in assembled condition and has a height of approx. 6 meters.

3. Furniture transport rack

Illustration of an Eloorac transport rack for use in a joinery. The chipboard and board materials to be processed can be moved directly to the CNC milling machine for processing.

4. Plate material in production

Illustration of an Eloorac transport rack for use in a joinery. The chipboard and board materials to be processed can be moved directly to the CNC milling machine for processing.

5. Transport rack for fences

Illustration of the Eloorac transport rack in use for the transport of fences, gates and other metal products. All transport racks are fixed again on Euro pallets.

6. Sheet metal transport with Elooracs

Illustration of a delivery with high-gloss polished metal sheets, which had to be transported on Eloorac transport frames for the construction of a large fountain. After the sheets had been unloaded, the flooring was dismantled and returned to the company in the assembly vehicle.

1.7 » 1.7 | Eloowheel


Plug-in rolls for rollable Euro pallets

1. Trade fair construction Mobility

A 4.8-meter-long Eloorac stand construction transport frame is loaded with 4.5-meter-long chipboard panels intended for an exhibition stand and is transported on Eloowheel transport rolls through the production of an exhibition stand construction company or a joinery.

2. Pallet rolls

Detail of the Eloowheel transport casters with stabilizing bar on a Euro pallet in the view from below.

3. Goods in the elevator 

Doors mounted on an Eloorac transport rack are simply pushed into an elevator by Eloorac's Eloowheel transport casters mounted on the Euro pallet.

4. Castors in transporter 

Individual Eloowheel transport rolls and a disassembled Eloorac transport rack are located on the shelf of an assembly vehicle. A Euro pallet with Eloowheel transport rolls and the Eloorac A-frame is packed with Knauf plasterboards.

Transport rolls for EPAL and H1 pallets

Eloowheel is the solution when it comes to rollable Euro pallets. The transport rollers are simply attached to the Euro pallet. No matter how many Euro pallets are connected to each other, really every variant can be made quickly rollable. Eloowheel´s are available as fixed or swivel castors. In addition to the normal wooden Euro pallet, Eloowheel´s must also be mounted on “H1” plastic pallets.
A very long transport rack on 4 Euro pallets or EPAL pallets bound together with a total length of 4.8 meters. The Euro pallets are equipped with Eloowheel transport rolls so that the long transport A-frame is easy to move.

Eloowheel on EPAL pallets

Braked, steerable Eloowheel transport casters from Eloorac on an EPAL pallet or Euro pallet.

The Eloowheel transport roll system has been developed to make Euro pallets and EPAL  pallets moveable even in places where there are no lift trucks, forklifts or heavy trolleys. By means of a simple plug connection, the base plate on which the rolls are fixed is held to pallets.

Eloowheel on H1 plastic pallets

Braked, steerable Eloowheel transport rolls from Eloorac on a H1 plastic pallet.

The Eloowheel base plate offers a wide variety of mating options. It is not only designed for Euro pallets made of wood but also for H1 plastic pallets. The Eloowheel transport roll system is therefore even more flexible.

Assembly of Eloowheel transport rolls on Euro pallets

– Pallets can be quickly made rollable
– Empty trolleys are no longer standing in the way
– Eloowheel’s space-saving storage in wire mesh boxes
– pallets can be equipped with transport rolls as required

5. Simple Euro pallet

Display of the positioning of Eloowheel transport rolls on individual Euro or EPAL pallets.

6. Double Euro pallet

Representation of the positioning of Eloowheel transport rolls on 2 connected Euro pallets or EPAL pallets.

7. Triple Euro pallet

2 crosswise connected Euro pallets or EPAL pallets are equipped with Eloowheel transport rolls and the A-frame from Eloorac for the transport of windows.

8. Pallet Lifter

Lift for lifting pallets to mount Eloowheel castors underneath a pallet. The Euro pallet is raised on one side by approx. 17 cm. The lift rod must then be pressed to the floor by one person. Another person can now clamp the Eloowheel castors or fixed castors to the pallet.

1.8 » 1.8 | Beamer

BEAMER pallet lifiting bar

Finally you can crane pallets safely

1. Pallet lifting bar 

Position of the pallet lifting bar Beamer on a Euro or EPAL pallet.

2. Placing 

Illustration of the procedure for inserting the Eloorac Beamer pallet lifting bar into a Euro or EPAL pallet.

3. Sling assembly 

Illustration of the procedure how slings are hooked to the pallet lifting iron Beamer. The pallet lifting bars are placed in a Euro or EPAL pallet.

4. Function

The Beamer pallet lifting device with slings placed correctly on a Euro pallet or EPAL pallet. A truck-mounted crane lifts large metal sheets on Euro pallets from the truck.

Lifting pallets without crane forks

Simply lift pallets with high loads with the Beamer lifting bar from Eloorac. Our Beamers are easy to store and are a standard tool on every construction site. Gone is the time that belts have to be pulled under pallets because there is no crane fork.

Euro pallets loaded with approx. 700 kg of glass are lifted by a crane with the aid of Eloorac Beamers.

4 Slings of the same length always allow the pallets to hang straight.

Eloorac’s Beamers are the alternative solution for safely craneing pallets. If the goods on a pallet are too high, it is often not possible to work with crane forks. These are usually too low. Every pallet can be craned with the Eloorac Beamer.

Euro pallets loaded with approx. 700 kg of glass are lifted by a crane with the aid of Eloorac Beamers.

The spreader bar “SPREADER” prevents the pressure on the goods being exerted.

A pallet lifting bar is not only for Euro pallets

The use of the Beamer ensures that pallets, no matter how they are packed, always hang on the crane in a balanced manner. This is made possible by the use of 4 suspension belts of the same length, which are used for the use of the Beamer pallet lifting iron. In addition, all boards of the pallet are equally loaded when lifting the goods. If only belts are used, i. e. without the Beamer, the outer pallet boards can get damaged by the sling or removed from the pallet.

1. Models

The pallet lifting bar from Eloorac in 2 different lengths.

2. Euro palette long

The Eloorac Beamer for working with the crane on a Euro pallet in different orientations.

3. Euro pallet crossways

The Beamer from Eloorac for correct working with the crane on double Euro pallet in longitudinal direction.

4. Special pallets

The Beamer from Eloorac for correct working with the crane on a double Euro pallet and on a plasterboard pallet from Knauf.

1.9 » 1.9 | Eloosave


Secure goods against falling over

Hold on just a second … Do you know what this sentence can cost you? How often do your company’s employees move a pallet with the risk of the goods tipping over? In order to be sure, the whole pallet is taped with Tesa adhesive tape or an employee has to secure the goods by holding them in place. No matter what happens, you lose money. Alternative: The Eloosave transport safety clamp. It secures goods during internal transports or on construction sites where upright standing products are installed.

The Eloosave clamping safety device is simply put on the base board of the Euro pallet and the two upright metal struts are pulled apart. Ready. In addition to safety, the simple clamping mechanism also saves an enormous amount of time. The Eloosave clamp is especially used in the area of window transport racks, glass transport racks, front door racks as well as in many other areas of application where flat products are transported upright for cost reasons.

Eloosave transport safety clamps for disposable and Euro pallets

Place the Eloosave individually without additional support.

Eloosave clamping safety devices can be placed in many different places on Euro pallets or disposable pallets.

Some Eloorac Customers

Grauthoff Türenwerke | Grauthoff Door Works
Finstral Fenster und Haustüren | Finstral Windows and Doors
Dwuzet Fassadentechnik | Dwuzet Facade Technology
JeldWen Tür Lösungen | JeldWen Door Solutions
BayWa Baustoffe | BayWa Construction Materials
Faiveley Transport
Scholl Glas | Scholl Glass
Glas Trösch | Glass Trösch
Schott Glas | Schott Glass
Vetrotech / Saint Gobain
Star Glas | Star Glass
Raiffeisen  Handelsgesellschaft | Raiffeisen Trading Company
Holz Possling | Wood Possling
Modern Glas | Modern Glass
 Fairis Glas | Fairis Glass
Lichte Systemwände | Lichte System Wall
Kompotherm Haustüren | Kompotherm Front Doors
Keller Wintergärten | Keller Winter Gardens
Jostmann Isolierglas | Jostmann Insulating Glass
HUGA Holztüren | HUGA Wooden Doors
Großewinkelmann / Growi
Drum Systeme | Drum Systems
Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg | German Theatre Hamburg
Deutschen Bahn AG
Brombach + Gees / Marine Glazing
Bayerwald Fenster und Haustüren | Bayerwald Windows and Front Doors
Schwab Traffic Engineering
Artesia Springbrunnentechnik | Artesia Fountain Technology
AGP Glas Peru | AGP Glass Peru
WIRUS Fenster | WIRUS Windows

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