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“Carsten Böttcher revolutionizes the transport business with his idea”

23.09.2019 proWi GT news proWi founder

District of Gütersloh. “Anyone who wants to make a difference should become self-employed,” beams Carsten Böttcher. The 52-year-old has implemented this in the truest sense of the word and founded the company ELOORAC Transport systems in Rietberg four years ago.

After Böttcher first trained as a woodworking mechanic, he then trained as a joiner and then as a master craftsman. Already at the beginning of his 30s he started his first business as a contract and shop fitter. “I have worked in Europe, China and India. At some point I simply wanted to spend more time with my family again,” says Carsten Böttcher.

During the search for optimisation possibilities for the logistics of construction elements, the idea for a pluggable transport system was born at some point, with which doors, windows and glass can be transported upright. “You wouldn’t believe it, but there were really only these bulky transport racks made of metal or wood, which are in the way for everyone and can only be retrieved with great difficulty.” Because of this, Böttcher developed a dismountable transport system made of wood, which can be fixed on Euro pallets. This frame is certified and patented. It is available in different sizes and can be extended as desired.

Carsten Böttcher (ELOORAC transport racks) and Aleksandra Blagojević (pro Wirtschaft GT) visited the ELOORAC showroom.
Carsten Böttcher (ELOORAC) and Aleksandra Blagojević (pro Wirtschaft GT) visited the ELOORAC showroom. / Picture: Julia Reineke – pro Wirtschaft GT
Carsten Böttcher is particularly concerned that his product is user-friendly and sustainable: “If my customers are not satisfied, I can’t sleep well either. That’s why he has expanded the system and developed an additional roller system that makes it possible to move pallets of any length. His portfolio also includes other developments that make his products easier to handle. Production takes place exclusively in Germany – most of it even at companies in the Gütersloh district. He pays particular attention to a particularly high quality standard of his products. “All my products are put to the extreme test. After all, the craftsmen are not squeamish about it.

“I’ve never been afraid of self-employment,” says Böttcher. “But I would have imagined it much easier to establish my product on the market.” In the meantime, ELOORAC supplies many well-known global players, nationally and internationally. The stages for „Rock am Ring“ or the backdrops of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg are also transported and stored with the system from Rietberg. “You just need an incredible amount of time and patience. But even more important is a family that supports you. Without the support of my wife and children my whole business would be doomed to failure.”

Böttcher looks optimistically into the future and has many more ideas: “I am looking forward to what is still to come. Carsten Böttcher was supported by the pro Wirtschaft GT on the subject of commercial space, because the ELOORAC building is to be expanded in the near future.

His story will be published, along with many other founding stories, at this year’s founders’ forum, which will take place on September 24th at Möhler Castle. At the Founder’s Forum, other founders will tell about their path and encourage people to become independent. Registrations accepts Aleksandra Blagojević, Gründungsberaterin with pro economics GT, gladly over The participation is free of charge.

From Eloorac transport racks:
Pro Wirtschaft GT also supported us at the beginning with certain projects. Therefore we would like to thank the Pro Wirtschaft GT in this way once again. A special thanks goes to Mr. Albrecht Pförtner. Through his initiative and active support we will expand our warehouse for transport racks in the foreseeable future.

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