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Report about Eloorac glass transport racks

In June 2016, the trade journal GFF reports on the ELOORAC transport system in a special issue focusing on energy-efficient construction. By simply disassembling the Eloorac transport system, a lot of space on a truck can be used for other goods. For this reason, Eloorac is classified as a CO2-saving transport rack.
Flexible transport racks for windows and glass for multiple use

Save up to 88 percent CO2 during return transport
Eloorac has developed a transport system made of wood-based materials that you, the user, can assemble flexibly depending on the goods to be transported and their size: Narrow frames accommodate windows and glass. Glass and window manufacturers save costs and time for transport.

Small racks from Eloorac Transportsystems are suitable for small quantities. Larger and wider elements fit on racks that the user connects lengthwise on two Euro pallets. Advantages in energy efficiency for companies result from the reusability of the transport solutions. Empty racks are dismantled by the user and stacked again on a Euro pallet. With a haulage company, the contractor retrieves the stacked racks back to his company to save space.

An example of efficiency
The advantage of flexible retrieval is made clear by a look at an example given by Eloorac Managing Director Carsten Böttcher: A 40-tonne truck is to transport glass from Leipzig to Frankfurt. The distance for one way is about 390 kilometers. The average load of glass is around 14 tons.

Variant 1:

In variant 1, the contractor decides to transport the glass with metal racks. The articulated lorry is loaded with twelve glass-tipped metal frames. Transport with a normal forwarding truck is not possible because the metal racks cannot be manoeuvred with a lift truck. For the collection of the metal racks, the customer must provide a complete truck for the collection. This is usually the glass manufacturer’s truck. He often has to accept long journeys.

Variant 2

Here the customer chooses transport with Eloorac racks. The forwarder loads the articulated lorry with 33 glass-equipped Eloorac standard racks, each of which uses a Euro pallet as its base. The pallets fit onto standard trucks because they are manoeuvred with lift trucks. The Eloorac racks start their return journey on four Euro pallets in a space-saving manner. This means space savings of 88 percent. The glass manufacturer does not have to use its own special truck – any general freight forwarder can handle this transport and always makes the best possible use of the truck’s loading area. It is therefore only possible to save many empty truck journeys in the glass, window and door industry by using Eloorac for return transports. Böttcher also calculates the CO2 savings: With the absolute CO2 emissions of a 40-ton truck of 361.7 kilograms over a distance of 390 kilometers, the transporter saves 88 percent or 318.3 kilograms of CO2 when using Eloorac.

Details on use
For different sizes, Eloorac offers matching cheeks (so-called A-parts), which the user assembles into a frame. For assembly, the user only needs PET tape, but no other tools. The widely used Euro pallets serve as the basis. The company stores 70 standard racks on an area of 1.2 square metres. With a product height of 1.3 metres, each of these 70 racks carries a load of 1,000 kilograms according to the supplier.

PDF article by GFF magazine: Eloorac in the GFF-06-2016

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