Flexible positioning of swivel and fixed castors

Rolls under EURO pallets

Eloowheel rollers are easily mounted on pallets without the need for tools. The flexibility of the roller system is a plus point that is rarely achieved by other transport systems.
At any time, place the combination of rolls on pallets that is currently required.
Whether swivel castors with brakes or fixed castors, you decide which castor is to be attached to the Euro pallet, EPAL pallet, disposable pallet or the H1 plastic pallet. The Eloowheel castors are easily placed on the pallet and then secured with a bolt and safety cotter.

The additional stabilising rods, which are placed underneath the roll holders, provide additional safety. These “Steady-Stick” tubes are especially necessary when there are particularly heavy loads on the pallet. A “kinking” of the pallet skid can thus be prevented by the stabilizing effect of the tubes.

The load capacity of a single roll is 350 kg. It doesn’t matter whether it is the white and harder polyamide rollers or the blue polyurethane rollers which cannot be seen here. Both types of rollers have a load capacity of 350 kg.

As there are many different applications and variations, we are happy to answer your questions by phone, email or WhatsApp. You are also welcome to visit us in our showroom in Rietberg. In this case, please arrange an appointment with us in advance.

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