New Eloorac brochure 19/20

Eloorac transport rack brochure 19/20

It was time to update the old brochure.

Now you get even more details and examples to show you that you too can benefit from the Eloorac system.

The Eloorac brochure 19/20 is available for download here and here as PDF version.
In this brochure we describe each of our products in relative detail. It is not necessarily a “sales catalogue” but rather a collection of technical facts, which primarily answer the one or other question of technically interested customers.

The transport rack brochure covers the following topics:

1. “Eloorac” transport racks in variable sizes

Eloorac transport racks are available in various heights and in almost any length. They are very flexible and incredibly versatile.

Eloorac Transport Gestelle
More on this in the brochure on page 2 – 8 + 13 – 16.

2. “Eloowheel” transport rolls for pallets

The Eloowheel roller system makes pallets easily “mobile”. Very heavy or very long pallets can be made rollable without any tools. Make almost any pallet rollable. All without tools. Learn everything about the pluggable Eloowheel roller system.

New Eloorac brochure 19/20 9
More on this in the brochure on pages 10 – 12.

3. “Lifter” for one-sided lifting of pallets

The lift is needed when Eloowheel rolls are to be mounted on loaded pallets. In this way, pallets can be moved even where no forklift, crane or lift truck is available.

More on this in the brochure on page 12.

4. “Eloosafe” glass safety clamp

The Eloosafe safety clamp is used to secure products that stand upright on an Eloorac transport rack. The clamps are of course not only used for glass. The safety clamp has the same safety function for windows, wooden panels or sheet metal.

More on this in the brochure on page 9.

5. “Beamer” pallet lifter

The Beamer pallet lifter is the alternative to conventional crane forks. No matter how high the product to be craned is, with the Beamer you can lift almost any pallet. You can also find information about the Beamer in our new brochure or on our website.
Pallet lifting beams and spreader beams are available in 2 different sizes from Eloorac. Surely the sizes can also be combined if the situation allows it.
The spreader beam “SPREADER” prevents pressure being exerted on the goods. In the shackles used, small load hooks, load rings or sling straps can be attached.

New Eloorac brochure 19/20 10
More on this in the brochure on page 9.

All pages from the Eloorac brochure 19/20 combined in a picture gallery:

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