The brilliant idea:
so simple that you can hardly believe it

Carsten Böttcher develops ELOORAC, a lightweight transport system for heavy loads

Druffel. On the Schnellweg no. 47 he has his creative office. Here, Carsten Böttcher developed simple-looking wooden frames into a revolutionary transport system. The impulse was personal requirements. The experienced master carpenter wanted to move glass slabs for the construction industry in an upright and safe manner. It soon became clear to him that he had discovered a gap in the market. A development marathon began. After about a year he was able to present his system. ELOORAC – and the idea had a name.
What is so ideal about this invention? It is light, space-saving, reusable, highly variable and, depending on the quality of the pallets, it secures up to two tons. The basic frame consists of two upright and one cross strut. The material, waterproof glued plywood, 20 mm thick. With system, simple and easy to install, on Euro pallets made of wood or plastic. Equipped e. g. with heavy glass or metal products on both sides, lashed down according to recommendations, each ELOORAC loading unit becomes a tried and tested transport module.

What is so ideal about this transport system?

The responsibility Carsten Böttcher has with his invention was clear to him in parallel with the development. Well-known ELOORAC institutes, for example, have carried out extremely detailed tests and issued safety certificates without hesitation. Patents have been registered worldwide and markets react at home and abroad. Customers from Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Peru, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria and Germany have discovered and checked ELOORAC at trade fairs or in leading trade journals and sent their orders to Druffel.
The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology also promotes the invention, because ELOORAC demonstrably reduces CO2 emissions through low return transport costs. “We always discover new and simple developments “, says Carsten Böttcher, already a little proud of his system. ELOORAC as a storage system, to be attached individually with transport rolls simply under loaded pallets or Beamer-lifitng bars, a system for safe crane transport on construction sites. ELOORAC is currently available in 14 model variations for individual transport tasks. Technical information and examples of use can be found at

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