Video product protection on the Eloorac transport rack

Tips for packaging on Eloorac racks

Our video “Product Protection” deals with the protection of your products during transport on Eloorac transport racks. Basically, Elooracs are equipped without edge protection. Only the variant “.. RG…” offers support protection at the bottom of the skid of an Eloorac glass frame or in the case of a glass rack from Eloorac. The purpose of the support profile is, for example, the insulation glass, which usually has unpolished edges and cannot be packed, can be transported safely. As a general rule, no protection profiles are provided at the upright contact edges. We believe that there are cheaper alternatives to protect the surfaces of your product. These include materials such as:

– wood soft fibreboards

– double-layered corrugated board

– Foam profile NMC NOMAPACK U12-18

– Foam profile NMC NOMAPACK U Classic 10-20

– Foam profile NMC NOMAPACK U Tulip 5-15

– self-adhesive foam pads

– self-adhesive cork plates


Details here in the video:

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