FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions about Eloorac products

101. Is the Eloorac transport frame a one-way or reusable transport system?

The Eloorac transport rack is definitely a returnable system. Many Eloorac users confirm that they have already reused their Eloorac transport racks more than 50 times. Of course, it can also be used as a disposable system. However, there are often cheaper solutions. Ultimately, however, with a single-use system, the bottom line is that it is getting worse and worse. DIsposable systems are simply expensive because, as the name suggests, they are only used ONCE. Elooracs can be reused very often due to their easy retrieval and high stability.

102. How does the Eloorac transport frame react to water and rain?

Eloorac´s are made of wood-based materials that are glued waterproof. This gluing is called AW100. The racks don’t mind if they get wet. The more humidity into the wood enters, the greater is naturally the danger that the stability diminishes. Experience shows that occasional rain showers do not bother the system at all. In the long run, however, the wood changes its appearance. It becomes grey. Ultimately, the Eloorac must be inspected with common sense every time it is used repeatedly to see whether it is still fit for use. Obvious damage should not be underestimated and the damaged part should be taken out of circulation. We will be happy to provide you with a safety data sheet that deals with various types of safety risks.

103. What do I do when the police stop us and ask for documents about the Eloorac?

We will be happy to provide you with documents that you can present to the police or the BAG. This is a 40-sided document with examples of how to secure and what loads the Eloorac transport system was subjected to during the tests. What you should know: Eloorac has been tested and certified by various institutes. The following regulations and standards have been applied: DIN EN 60068-2-27 (2010),  ASTM D 4728 (2006),  ASTM D 4169 (2009), ASTM D 5277 (2008) and VDI 2700 ff. (2011). A cargo securing certificate is also available for Elooracs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Please contact us by phone or mail.

104. How can I attach my goods to the Eloorac transport frame?

Here you can see pictures showing different methods of fixing the product to an Eloorac. It is of course possible to use the transport frame not only for panels (as shown here) but also for other products. Eloorac´s are used as glass frames or glass transport racks, as window transport racks, as transport racks for front doors or as storage racks for exhibition stand construction. Many other possible applications are conceivable.

105. Do I always have to attach the transport racks to the Euro pallet with a PET strap?

In addition to fastening with PET straps, Eloorac transport racks can also be attached to Euro pallets with a screw connection, which has a clamping effect. This variant is usually used when there are no lashing devices available in the plants for lashing the PET strap. Alternatively, lashing straps can also be used. NOTE: The only system tested by the VDZ test centre in Dortmund is lashing with PET straps. All other fasteners have not been tested for various reasons.

106. How can I connect 2 pallets with each other?

PET tape is usually used to join pallets together. However, since it cannot be assumed that everyone has a lashing device available for processing the PET tape, we will show you alternative connection options here. Especially when used in the trade on the construction site or in trade fair construction, the use of tension belts or the connection plates from Eloorac is the better way to connect pallets with each other.

107. In what lengths can you get an Eloorac transport frame?

Elooracs are delivered as individual parts packed on a pallet. In principle, there are no length restrictions when constructing an Eloorac transport rack. You decide for yourself how long the transport frame should be. Theoretically, for example, a glass frame or a window transport frame can be designed to be infinitely long. The illustrations explain the Eloorac transport frame principle. It’s LEGO for men 😉

108. What is the load capacity of an Eloorac transport frame?

Eloorac transport racks can carry products with high loads. For each individual upright cheek, there is a statement as to how much load it can withstand during heavy cornering, i.e. in a horizontal direction. The right picture in the upper illustration shows that a single upright cheek of an Eloorac transport rack has a load capacity of approx. 500 kg if the goods are 1.3 metres high. This means that a standard transport rack consisting of 2 upright cheeks already carries 1,000 kg. If you want to transport products weighing 1,500 kg, simply add a 3rd upright cheek to the Eloorac transport rack. 4 upright cheek pieces then have a load capacity of 2,000 kg (see picture below). If the goods are lower, the load capacity increases. If the goods are higher, the load capacity is reduced. Details can be found in the diagram. We are also happy to answer your questions by phone.

109. How high is an Eloorac transport rack?

Eloorac transport racks are available in many different heights. The figure below shows how long the edge of the Eloorac transport frame is for your product and how high the products can be if they are placed on both sides of the transport frame. The “S0” and “U” models have fewer product height restrictions. Here the goods are placed on the transport rack in a completely straight position, i.e. vertically upright. These racks are used, for example, for front doors or very thick products such as door frames or thick windows. All our transport racks can be used to create glass frames or glass transport racks, storage racks, exhibition stands, window transport racks or other transport racks at any time.

110. Is it possible that our name is on the transport rack?

Eloorac offers the possibility to print your logo or name on the upright cheek parts of the transport rack. This is done using a screen printing process. However, we only print in black. Grey shades are feasible. It makes sense to print your company logo on the Eloorac frame. You show your customers that you are open for innovations and changes. Ultimately this is even an image question.

111. What is the smallest measure between the upright A-frames?

The distance between the A-parts always depends on the crossbar. The standard crossbar, which is usually used with an Eloorac transport frame, allows a minimum distance of approx. 15 cm. This makes it possible for small, narrow glasses to be placed upright on an Eloorac glass frame. The advantage this type of transport offers can be seen quite clearly in the illustration. You can save enormous transport costs when using Eloorac glass transport racks. By the way, the glasses shown are glass shelves for a shoe shop.

112. On which aspects should I pay attention when ordering?

First of all, we will of course help you with your order. However, if you wish to better understand our system, please have a look at the picture below. It explains the structure of an Eloorac transport rack article number. 1. first is the designation of the upright cheek part. In this case it is “D5”. 2. the second is the skid model. Here its the runner “M80”. 3. thirdly, the type of crossbar is described. Here its the crossbar type “QT120”. On the far right you can see different versions of the skids that are fixed to the pallet. In general, the angle between the skid and the upright A-part is at least 93°. This angle changes and depends on the Eloorac model. If a right angle is required here, an “R” (=right angle) simply follows the designation of the cheek section. This is created by a wedge. If the wedge is then to be equipped with a rubber profile, the designation is extended by the letter “G” (= rubber profile). As mentioned before, we are of course always at your side with help and advice. The Eloorac system is simply far too extensive. So it is normal that you have to ask.

113. Are there different types of bottom skids that can be attached to the pallet?

Yes, there is. Basically, the Eloorac transport rack system is based on the Euro pallet. This has a dimension of 80 x 120 cm. The skids of the Eloorac transport racks are therefore available in lengths of 80 cm (=width of the Euro pallet), 120 cm (=length of the Euro pallet), or 160 cm (=2 Euro pallets side by side). Of course, it is also possible to supply other lengths for special pallets. The position of the A-parts on the runner is then the next interesting point. As you can see in the picture below, we differentiate between the “M” and “L” version. “M” means that the A-part is centered on the runner. In the “L” variant, the A-part is placed off-center in the L-shape.

114. Are the upper crossbars available in various designs and lengths?

Yes. We distinguish the crossbars in shape and length. The crossbars originally had only one purpose. You should keep the upright cheek pieces or A-pieces apart. Since the Eloorac transport system caused a sensation in more and more industries, however, the demands on our system became ever greater. Today we distinguish between “Q” and “QT” strips. The letter “Q” stands for “crossbar”, the letter “T” for “T-shape”. The “QT” bar is therefore a T-shaped crossbar. The T-shape has a much higher stability. We use this stability in order to be able to put goods better on the cross bar. The most important point, however, is that you can use the “QT” strips to lash a lashing strap (see photo on the bottom right). This is not possible with the normal “Q” strip. This is used when the goods are standing upwards over the transport frame or you can strap over the goods (see left photo on the lower illustration). The different lengths of the crossbars always depend on the pallet orientation. As soon as you need to transport goods that are slightly longer than the Euro pallet, simply insert a longer “QT” bar. The outer frame of a 1.7 meter wide front door, for example, then rests against this strip. As always, please contact us. We help as fast as we can.

115. The Eloorac transport frame looks very wobbly. Does it really work?

YES, IT HOLDS. Of course the upright cheekpieces / A-pieces wobble when someone pulls on them and there is no product on them yet. But only in one direction. This is usually not decisive. The stability that ultimately matters is there right from the start. As soon as you place your goods on the rack and fasten them properly, the transport rack is also stabilized in the direction in which it previously appeared very unstable. However, if you want your Eloorac transport frame to appear less mobile, there are several ways to do this. An additional “Q” strip helps with the high Eloorac models a little further, but only brings what you want to achieve, e.g. if a PET tape is pulled as a cross through the openings at the A parts. This can be seen in our video “Window Rack” . Alternatively there is the stabilization plate. This is mounted between the upright cheeks. The Stabiplatte brings then really much stability. Also here you may ask us for advice.

116. Does the Eloorac transport rack only work on Euro pallets?

Eloorac transport racks can be mounted basically on any pallet. Many customers generally require large pallets to transport their goods. These large and custom-made pallets are also returned to the manufacturer. The pictures below show 2 examples of custom made pallets. This is not uncommon. With Eloorac you have the possibility to create transport racks as large and long as you need. So you don’t have to wait weeks for special constructions.

117. What can I use on the upright investment edges to protect my goods?

There are many different possibilities here. The 1st figure below shows some commonly used materials that protect your product at the edge of the Eloorac transport frame. The 2nd picture shows the QT bar, which has been attached to the contact surfaces of the Eloorac transport frame, creating a wide contact surface for your product. Disadvantage: You lose contact surface at the bottom of the skid.

 201. What weight does an Eloowheel transport roller carry?

We currently supply Eloowheel transport rolls with a load capacity of 350 kg per roll. Of course, other castors can also be used. The load-bearing capacity can then vary. If, for example, you wish to have transport rolls with a softer coating in order not to damage your floors, the load-bearing capacity per transport roll may be lower.

202. In what condition should the pallet be to which you want to mount the Eloowheel wheels?

This depends on what load the pallet has to carry. In general, however, the pallets must be in good to very good condition. After all, this is also about your safety and the safety of others. If a pallet breaks, the goods can fall over and injure others. To prevent the Eloowheel transport rollers from buckling, you must always install the “Steady-Stick” stabilising tube. You can find more details here in our assembly instructions.

203. Can Eloowheels also be attached to pallets other than Euro pallets?

This depends on what load the pallet has to carry. In general, however, the pallets must be in good to very good condition. After all, this is also about your safety and the safety of others. If a pallet breaks, the goods can fall over and injure others. To prevent the Eloowheel transport rollers from buckling, you must always install the “Steady-Stick” stabilising tube. You can find more details here in our assembly instructions.

301. Why do I need the beamer lifting iron?

All trades that move their goods by crane and have previously only used metal racks require an alternative to cranes when using Elooracs. Metal racks have a crane eyelet in which the crane’s load hook is hooked in. Eloorac transport racks are made of wood. You can’t just hook a crane anywhere on the wood. This would break apart from a certain weight of the goods to be delivered. In order to be able to use the Eloorac in spite of this, we have developed the Beamer. They are simply pushed under the pallet. The lateral swords enclose the pallet blocks and thus prevent the iron from slipping to the middle of the pallet. A strap can then be attached to the hook at the end of the Beamer, which can then be used to lift the entire pallet.

302. Is the beamer a tested tool?

Yes, it is. The Beamer has been subjected to tests by qualified companies. The Beamer comes with specific operating instructions and a valid declaration of conformity. Each Beamer lifting arm is registered and has its own serial number. The Beamer is manufactured exclusively for ELOORAC GmbH & Co. KG from a market-leading company for lifting tools.

303. Which pallets can be lifted with the beamer?

In general, almost every pallet can be lifted with our crane lifting tool. These include EUR and EPAL pallets, CP pallets, special pallets from e. g. Knauf as well as some other pallets used for transporting clinkers and paving stones. A list shows more precisely which pallets can be lifted: EPAL resp. EUR pallets: – Standard EUR-pallet 1200 x 800 mm – EUR 2 pallet 1200 x 1000 mm – EUR 3 pallet 1200 x 1000 mm – EUR 6 pallet 800 x 600 mm Chemistry pallets: – CP1 pallet 1000 x 1200 mm – CP2 pallet 800 x 1200 mm – CP3 pallet 1140 x 1140 mm – CP4 pallet 1100 x 1300 mm – CP5 pallet 760 x 1140 mm – CP6 pallet 1000 x 1200 mm – CP7 pallet 1100 x 1300 mm – CP8 pallet 1140 x 1140 mm – CP9 pallet 1140 x 1140 mm Other pallets such as non-returnable pallets in the sizes described above

401. May Eloosafe safety clamps be used as article surveillance on the truck?

No, absolutely not! The Eloosave transport safety clamp is only used to secure the goods during internal movement or stationary use. Eloosave merely clamps itself on the pallet by pressing against the upright standing goods. As soon as excessive vibrations occur, e. g. when driving on bad roads, this clamping mechanism loosens. The goods are then no longer secured and can cause damage.

402. What sizes of Eloosafe fuse clamp are available?

There are 2 sizes. The smaller safety clamp has an approx. 60 cm long pressure arm. The pressure arm of the larger clamp is approx. 100 cm long.

403. How is the Eloosafe transport securing device fastened?

It’s simple. At the lower end of the clamp there are 2 crossbars. These irons are about 25 mm apart. One pushes the Eloosafe simply on a board which may not be thicker than 25 mm. Due to the resulting clamping when the pressure arm is pressed on, the clamp clamps to the pallet. More information can be found in our download area in the document “Assembly instructions”.