Secure glass panes against falling over
ELOOSAFE safety clamp for pallets

ELOOSAFE Spannklemme
Eloosafe Spannklemme

Eloosafe Spannklemme

 Beamer Paletten-Heber

Beamer Paletten-Heber

Eloorac Gestell Details

Eloorac Gestell Details

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Eloowheel Transportrollen

Eloosafe safety clamp Glass safety clamp from Eloorac for Euro pallets, EPAL or other wooden pallets
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Secure goods against falling over

Please hold this a second… Do you know what that sentence can cost you? How often do the employees of your company move a pallet where there is a risk of the goods tipping over. To be on the safe side, tape is stuck around the whole pallet or an employee has to secure the goods by holding on to them. No matter what is done, you lose money. Alternative: The Eloosafe transport safety clamp. It secures goods during internal transport or on construction sites where upright products are used.
The Eloosafe clamp is simply placed on the base board of the Euro pallet and the two upright metal struts are pulled apart. That’s it. The simple clamping mechanism not only provides safety but also saves an enormous amount of time. The Eloosafe clamp is especially used in the area of window transport racks, glass transport racks, front door racks as well as in many other areas where flat products are transported upright for cost reasons.
Eloosafe safety clamps can be placed in many different places on Euro pallets or one-way pallets.
Eloosafe safety clamps can be placed individually.
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Eloosafe safety clamp for one-way and Euro pallets

Safety clamp models

7.0 | Safety clamp Eloosafe 1

The safety clamp from Eloorac is available in 2 different lengths and 2 different pressure variants.

Secure high glasses

7.0 | Safety clamp Eloosafe 2

Secure high glasses with the Eloosafe safety clamp on Eloorac transport racks.

Safety clamp with pressure roller

7.0 | Safety clamp Eloosafe 3

The safety clamp with pressure roller is used for harder materials.

Safety clamp with pressure plate

7.0 | Safety clamp Eloosafe 4
Some products are pressure sensitive. To protect the packaging or the material, the safety clamp with pressure plate can be used alternatively.

Place safety clamp

7.0 | Safety clamp Eloosafe 5

Slide the safety clamp onto the pallet

Fixing and releasing

7.0 | Safety clamp Eloosafe 6

Attaching and releasing the safety clamp

The Eloosafe safety clamp can be placed individually on pallets. Simply press the two upright bars apart. The clamp slips down and presses the roller of the moving bar against the upright goods. This way, the goods are secured against falling over. Instead of the roller, we offer a plate which does not exert any punctual pressure on sensitive goods.