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Returning transport racks in a carton? – Why?

Every day, not only online retailers use vast amounts of disposable transport racks to ship bulky goods such as radiators, fences, windows, glass, shower stalls, room doors, front doors, etc. to the customer. Each of these wooden racks is used only once. After that, it is burned or must be disposed of at great expense. Many companies require between 5,000 to 20,000 disposable wooden transport racks each year.

This means an enormous effort in production, planning and organization as well as recurring costs for purchasing, storage and logistics of these wooden racks. Some companies invest up to 500,000 Euros annually for the purchase of wooden racks for one-time use. That’s 2.5 million euros in 5 years for “disposable wood” per site. There is enormous potential for savings here.

The expenses that are usually spent on purchasing do not yet include the other organizational expenses listed above, which are likely to be as high again.

RACK in the BOX as XXL Transport Rack

The “RACK in the BOX” systems are now available in various designs. These differ in pallet width, pallet length and rack height. In addition to short racks, it is also possible to create very long transport racks. As can be seen here, these can also be driven under with a hand pallet truck from the long side. Additional connecting boards, which are fixed between the two pallets, enable this stable connection. More in video no. 23.

Video of the return of the XXL transport rack

No Video? Click here

The video of the long “RACK in the BOX” transport rack. Here the return of the long version of the unique transport system is explained.

“RACK in the BOX” Impressions

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“RACK in the BOX” Variants in a quick overview

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“RACK in the BOX” Details for…

… racks in wide cardboard boxes:



low, wide, on special pallet

– Special pallet 91.5 x 75.5 cm
– 97 cm high (contact edge)
– 54 cm storage area (“M” 27/27 or “L” 13/41)
– wide carton

10.0 | RACK in the BOX 15


RB97-M76 – EPAL

low, wide, on EURO pallet

– Euro pallet 120 x 80 cm (exchangeable)
– 97 cm high (contact edge)
– 54 cm storage area (“M” 27/27 resp. “L” 13/41)
– wide carton

10.0 | RACK in the BOX 16



high, wide, on special pallet

– Special pallet 91,5 x 75,5 cm
– 165 cm high (contact edge)
– 46 cm storage area (“M” 23/23 or “L” 9/37)
– wide carton


RB165-M76 – EPAL

high, wide on EURO pallet

– Euro pallet 120 x 80 cm (exchangeable)
– 165 cm high (contact edge)
– 46 cm storage area (“M” 23/23 resp. “L” 9/37)
– wide carton

… racks in narrow cardboard boxes:



low, narrow on special pallet

– Special pallet 106 x 57 cm
– 106 cm high (contact edge)
– 34 cm storage area (17/17)
– narrow cardboard box

10.0 | RACK in the BOX 19


RB106-M57 – EPAL

low, narrow on EURO pallet

– Euro pallet 120 x 80 cm (exchangeable)
– 106 cm high (contact edge)
– 34 resp. 55 cm storage space (17/17 resp. 17/38)
– narrow cardboard box

10.0 | RACK in the BOX 20



high, narrow on special pallet

– Special pallet 106 x 57 cm
– 165 cm high (contact edge)
– 28 cm footprint (14/14)
– narrow cardboard box

10.0 | RACK in the BOX 21


RB165-M57 – EPAL

high, narrow on EURO pallet

– Euro pallet 120 x 80 cm (exchangeable)
– 165 cm high (contact edge)
– 28 or 49 cm storage area (14/14 or 14/35)
– narrow cardboard box

10.3 » 10.0 | RACK in the BOX

Retrieval of the disassembled transport racks

The fact that you can disassemble a transport frame that carries several hundred kilos and pack it into a cardboard box, which is then sent back to you by a parcel service provider, actually makes you think a little. After all, the pre-packed carton only weighs between 20 and 30 kg.

This means that a tool with which you can transport goods weighing, say, 400 kg, itself le3diglich weighs only a small part of these goods. Sounds crazy, but it works. Renowned companies are already using the “RACK in the BOX” system successfully.

But now the question arises how to organize the return of the goods. As always, different approaches or solutions lead to the goal.

1. your customer brings the packed box to a parcel store himself. This is certainly the easiest solution for you. Unfortunately, not all customers are willing to go through the trouble. Do you have such a customer? Take care of it, it is a good one…

2. the customer calls you or sends you an e-mail and informs you that the box can be picked up. For smaller quantities, this approach is certainly feasible without problems.

3. you create a web page with a form that asks for all the information needed to pick up the box. The company GilgenDoors has kindly allowed us to mention or link their “return page” here: https://www.gilgendoorsystems.com/return

Such a form can usually be created quite quickly by a web designer.

As a service, Eloorac offers the use of a “return form”, which asks for the most important information and enables you as a shipper to instruct a parcel service of your choice to pick up the parcel(s). Click on the link here or scan the QR code. Both will take you to the test account pickup form: https://get-back-my-rack.com/?code=123MuellersExample456

At this point you have a lot of questions. Call us or send us an e-mail. We will be glad to help.

Tel: +49 (0) 52 44  –  97 46 56 
Mail: info@eloorac.com

QR code to the response form

10.4 » 10.0 | RACK in the BOX

Take advantage of the moment – Be better than others

You should see the new “RACK in the BOX” as a chance. Draw attention to yourself with our sustainable system. Show your customer that not only you, but also he has advantages with the new “transport system in the box”.

Arguments in favour of using the “RACK in the BOX”

1. First YOUR big advantage: you buy the system once and use it again and again. Disposable systems you buy every time again or create them again and again. In the long run this is very expensive. If you want to know how long Eloorac transport racks last, we can only give you one answer: We don’t know. No one has ever complained that an Eloorac transport rack has broken.
However, the pallet and the box of the “RACK in the BOX” system will have a shorter holding time. They will definitely have to be renewed after a few deliveries. Since we do not see our existence in the carton or pallet trade, we will be happy to give you tips on how to rebuild the pallets or how the cartons should look.

2. Sustainability is currently on everyone’s lips. Tell your customer that by helping to return the transport frame, he is making a significant contribution to a sustainable future.
Point out that other dealers / competitors do not use such environmentally oriented solutions. The customer must have the feeling that it is better to order from you and thus automatically does something for the environment.

3. Communicate quite openly and clearly on your website that the customer will not be left with a mountain of waste on his doorstep in the end. He only has to pack the transport frame incl. pallet into the return box according to the enclosed instructions.
The return costs of the 20 to 32 kg heavy cartons are in relation to the return of other systems, definitive a joke. Who then takes over these costs, is up to your discretion. The fact is that when it comes to reuse and return, no other system can compete.

4. out-compete competitors by pointing out to the customer that other vendors don’t take back the trash. Use this plus point.

5. in the long run, your competitors’ products must be more expensive. Reason: More and more customers will learn that you have a right to pick up your disposable rack waste (Packaging Act). Your competitor will then have to add the collection costs to its selling price in advance. Point victory for you. You are less expensive and more environmentally conscious.

6. The customer will gladly recommend you to others. Why? He is satisfied because he has made an environmentally friendly purchase and, above all, because there is hardly any waste.

7. Positive reviews on your website, on Google, on social media…. are sure for you. This is worth GOLD.

8. Incentivize your customers with a coupon. Since there is minimal work involved in packing the rack, you could offer the customer a voucher for X amount as “compensation”. This has the advantage that you can use the “RACK in the BOX” without any problems and furthermore the next purchase will happen again in your webshop. The customer will receive the voucher after you have received the box incl. rack. Again a precision landing.

9. Surely it will happen that some customers like the rack so much that they use it for other things for storage. No problem. Every Euro pallet today is issued only against a deposit. This works just as well with the “RACK in the BOX” transport rack.

10.5 » 10.0 | RACK in the BOX

And who disposes of the packaging waste?

Have you ever been asked about this topic? How many customers do you think ask themselves this question every day? Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer these people a solution by answering: “We take care of that. We just need a little help from you. We work with a transport rack that you simply put back into a box that comes with the product. It will then be returned to us by parcel service.

Who disposes of these one-way racks?

Are customers happy when garbage racks are in their gardens?

Reusable system “RACK in the BOX”

Alternative: The worldwide unique “RACK in the BOX” transport rack

The idea of “RACK in the BOX” was born a long time ago. When the packaging law “VerpackG” was passed in 2019 in Germany, we knew that we had to take action. The new law obliges to take back pallets, one-way racks and other transport packaging used for shipping by forwarding companies. The legislator has understood that something must be done against the throw-away mania in the transport industry.

Wooden racks must be taken back

What happens if the consumer has a disposable rack at his door and does not want to or cannot dispose of it? Here the packaging law Verpackungsgesetz “VerpackG”, existing since 01.01.2019 in Germany, says that the dispatching dealer is obliged to take back this one-way rack free of charge according to § 15 Abs. 1 Satz 1 Nr. 1 VerpackG. Source: www.it-recht-kanzlei.de