Eloorac Cantilever Rack
as a storage and transport rack

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Cantilever racks / frames individually customisable in size

Brand new, our cantilever system on Euro pallets.

Cantilever arm Transport and storage rack

We now also offer the Eloorac system as a cantilever version. On 8 levels, you have the option of storing or transporting long aluminium profiles, steel tubes, long roller shutter panels, marquises or other products that are otherwise difficult to store.

Very long transport cantilever frame lifts off

A 6 metre long cantilever frame made up of 5 Euro pallets is lifted high into the air. The system works. The secret: as with all other Eloorac transport systems, the products attached to the cantilever arms provide the necessary stability.

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Storage of long profiles, bars, sheet materials…

No matter what, as soon as something long has to be stored or transported, things can get complicated. The Eloorac cantilever rack can help here.

Storing wooden profiles clearly

Several cantilever racks for storing long, narrow timber profiles. Different formats are stored here on each floor.

Colour, width, length. Always well sorted.

Narrow wooden boards in different widths and colours, clearly arranged and always within easy reach in the Eloorac cantilever rack.

Store steel pipes in all lengths

Cantilever frame with rectangular tubes which were placed in the upper cantilever position. If round pipes are to be stored, a “rollaway protection” is useful. Here is an example of a board that is simply screwed to the frame. Alternatives would be, for example, flat steel pieces or U-profiles, which are slid onto the cantilever system and screwed tight.

Secure fastening of long profiles

In order to secure the extruded profiles, steel tubes or aluminium profiles to be stored or transported, we have come up with one or two openings in the cantilever frame. Many other options can be realised. Depending on the number of profiles or pipes that are stored in the individual cantilever compartments, they can be secured very individually using PET straps, textile straps, steel straps or tension belts.

You can find out more about storage racks here: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagertechnik

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