Pallet lifters and spreader beams for crane work with pallets

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Videos about the pallet lifter and the spreader traverse

“BEAMER” – how to use

A short animation of the Beamer pallet lifter for Euro pallets or other pallet types.

A short animation that shows the placement of the “Beamer” pallet lifter under the pallet in fast motion and explains that various lifting tools such as lifting straps, shackles, small load hooks or very large load hooks work on the “Beamer”.

The video of the pallet lifter and spreader beam

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The new video for the “Beamer” pallet lifter and the “Spreader” spread beam shows the various possible applications of these crane tools.

“BEAMER” pallet lifter in detail

The “Beamer” pallet lifter can be used with a wide variety of sling types. These include loops from lifting straps, load hooks in various sizes or shackles from a certain load capacity.

The opening of the pallet lifter hook is open. According to NORM 2006/42/EC, it does not have to be secured by a safety flap, for example.

If there are concerns about the strap slipping out of the load hook of the pallet lifter, we recommend the use of 3.25 tonne shackles. The pin diameter of these shackles is larger than the opening of the pallet lifter hook. This creates a positive fit. Slipping out is therefore no longer possible.

As the straps cannot usually slip out of the hook so easily, the pallet lifter is usually used without shackles in conjunction with lifting straps. Of course, this depends on the thickness and size of the straps.

“SPREADER” spreader beam in detail

As already explained for the “Beamer”, the “Spreader” spreader beam offers the option of using different types of stop. The possible combinations here are even greater than with the Beamer pallet lifter.

The following combinations are possible:
– Lifting strap / lifting sling
– Lifting sling / load hook
– Shackle / load hook
– Load hook / load hook
– Shackle / shackle
– Small load hook / super large load hook or large shackle.

The opening of the spreader beam hook, just like the hook of the pallet lifter, does not have a safety flap. NORM 2006/42/EC permits this. If you want to be sure that straps that are too small will not slip out of the opening of the hook, you can also use shackles in the size 3.25 tonnes. The positive fit that is now also created will also receive an “OK” from very critical safety officers.

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Overview of pallet lifters + spreader beams

Which pallet lifter for which pallet?

“Beamer 83” + “Spreader 83

“Beamer 103” + “Spreader 103

“Beamer 123” + “Spreader 123

Details on the placement of the Beamer pallet lifter

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The Beamer pallet lifter principle

Eloorac pallet lifting irons are an alternative solution that enables pallets to be craned safely. If the goods on a pallet are too high, it is often not possible to work with crane forks. These are sometimes too low. With the Beamer from Eloorac, any pallet can be craned. Our pallet lifters are easy to stow away and are a standard tool on every construction site. Gone are the days when straps have to be pulled under pallets because there is no crane fork available.

The pallet lifter is simply guided into the pallet (here Euro pallet). The laterally protruding “swords” wrap around the pallet blocks and thus prevent the carrying iron from slipping.

Insert the lifting strap into the welded load hook of the pallet lifter. Although the hook is open, its type of opening prevents the load belt from slipping out unintentionally.

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EPAL, CP or other pallets > pallet lifter BEAMER

Imagine lifting pallets to a higher level using a crane pallet fork. No problem so far. But then there is the fact that the pallet is loaded very high. Now it gets interesting. You can’t get any further with a crane fork because of the height.

Alternatively, a very long sling could be passed under the pallet and attached to the crane’s load hook. This works, but has properties that are not advantageous. The belt may slip under the pallet, causing it to hang at an angle. The outer boards of the Euro pallet or EPAL pallet may even pull upwards, rendering the pallet unusable.

As an alternative to the methods described, there is the “BEAMER” pallet lifter from Eloorac. The use of the beamer ensures that pallets always hang balanced on the crane, regardless of how they are packed. This is made possible by the use of 4 lifting straps of equal length, which are used for the Beamer pallet lifter. In addition, all the boards on the pallet are subjected to the same load when the goods are lifted.

As everyone can imagine, the Beamer lifting beams are also much easier to transport and, above all, to store than, for example, a crane fork. In the following, we will try to explain the features and possible applications of our pallet lifting beam.

Metal processor and the Beamer

Very high loads are often lifted in steel, tool and metal construction. The Beamer pallet lifter set lifts 2,000 kg. Many things can be covered with it in daily use. Sheets standing on Eloorac transport racks like here are lifted with the Beamer without any problems. These high elements cannot be lifted with a crane fork because they are not high enough. Unfortunately, the pallet forks are also heavy and cumbersome to handle.

Protect furniture with spreader traverses

High above Heidelberg, assembled and disassembled furniture was craned into a flat on the 3rd floor. The finished box furniture is simply placed on a Euro pallet (left). The Eloorac spreader traverse ensures that the delicate furniture is not crushed by the belts. On the right, panel elements standing on an Eloorac transport frame are lifted by crane.

Lift glass transport racks in a balanced manner

This 2.4 metre long pallet, which consists of 2 Euro pallets joined together lengthways, contains approx. 700 kg of glass. The glass panes stand on an Eloorac transport frame. The 4 lifting straps of equal length, which are attached to the supporting Beamer pallet lifter, ensure that the pallets always hang straight and balanced as long as the glass is distributed fairly evenly on both sides.

Lifting transport racks with furniture boards

In general, not only glass is transported on Eloorac glass racks. Meanwhile our returnable systems are used in many industries as transport or storage racks. However, the Eloorac transport frame has a small disadvantage. It does not have a crane bracket on the upper cross beam. Metal frames for glass have an advantage here. This is why the “BEAMER” pallet lifter was developed.

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Examples of the use of the “BEAMER” pallet lifter

The following graphics show the application possibilities of the “Beamer” pallet lifter. The Beamer pallet irons not only lift individual pallets such as Euro pallets, EPAL pallets or industrial pallets. Combinations of e.g. 2 pallets connected to each other or next to each other can also be lifted or craned.

The Beamer pallet lifter is available in 2 different lengths. The short “Beamer 83” and the longer “Beamer 123”. Both can be used for a standard Euro pallet, for example.

If we stay with the example of Euro pallets, the “Beamer 123” can be used on a standard Euro pallet, on 2 Euro pallets that are connected crosswise and on the “Euro pallet 3”.

Here you can see 2 Euro pallets or EPAL pallets which are longitudinally connected to each other. The pallet lifter “Beamer 83” can carry this pallet combination in different ways.

Special pallets such as the plaster pallets from Knauf or Rigips can also be lifted using the “Beamer 123” pallet lifter and a crane. Plaster pallets are very low. The pallet lifting irons from Eloorac nevertheless fit under the pallets.

This page is about the pallet lifter Beamer and the spreading traverse “Spreader”

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