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All ELOORAC product videos at a glance

On this page you will find a summary of all transport frame videos, as well as the videos about “Rolls on Pallets”, the “BEAMER” pallet lifter, some videos about Sustainability and the “Test Videos”.

RACK in the BOX
Pure sustainability

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No more one-way racks. Get the transport rack back in a carton for 6 Euro.
From: 3.0 RACK in the BOX

Transport A-frame

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Build a transport rack in the size you need.
From: 2.0 Sizes + Details

transport A-frames

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Why Eloorac Transport racks are stable and how this happens.
From: 2.0 Sizes + Details

Transport rack

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Make pallets or transport racks rollable without tools.
From: 5.0 Rolls on pallets

Securing glass
on A-frames

Eloosafe Tension clamps for one-way and Euro pallets.
From: 7.0 Safety clamp

Lifting pallets
with the Lifter

Lift pallets with the Lifter to mount Eloowheel rolls.
From: 5.0 Rolls on pallets

transport A-frames

Numerous official tests Eloorac Transport racks had to pass.
From: 2.0 Sizes + Details

Lifting pallets
by crane

Lift pallets without a crane fork. The “Beamer” pallet lifter is the solution.
From: 6.0 Pallet lifter Beamer

Spreader insert during
crane operation

Spreader traverse “Spreader” and pallet lifter “Beamer” lift pallets with the crane.
From: 6.0 Pallet lifter Beamer

1 transport rack

Fix the Eloorac frame to ONE Euro pallet with screws.
From: 2.0 Sizes + Details

2 transport racks

Fix Eloorac frames with screws on TWO Euro pallets.
From: 2.0 Sizes + Details

Eloorac racks

Fix Eloorac frames to Euro pallets with screws (long version).
From: 2.0 Sizes + Details

Transport test
glass A-frame

Glass doors on an Eloorac are sent on truck tour.

Transport rack

Examples of Eloorac window transport frames.
From: 10.0 Window frame

10 Minutes Eloorac
Know How

Detailed description of how Elooracs and other Eloorac products work

Lab test
long version

Long version of Eloorac transport rack testing

Glass loaded
on one side

Eloorac “L-Bock” transport rack loaded on one side with lots of glass

50 years
Euro pallet

“Lokalzeit aus Köln” reports about the Euro pallet.
From: Terminology ABC

Protection on
the transport rack

Product protection during transport on Eloorac transport racks.

Warming trend
according to NASA

2018 was the fourth warmest year since the start of measurements in 1880. From: 9.0 Sustainability

The exploitation
of the taiga

This video is an excerpt from “The exploitation of the primeval forests”.
From: 9.0 Sustainability

The exploitation of
the primeval forests

The exploitation of the primeval forests: Complete articleDie Story im Ersten
From: 9.0 Sustainability

Poland’s natural
heritage in danger

The fight for the last primeval forest in Europe (docu “arte”)
From: 9.0 Sustainability

Deforested – Europe’s last
primeval forests

Illegal deforestation in the Romanian Carpathians also because of our throw-away mentality.
From: 9.0 Sustainability

This page is about transport rack videos from Eloorac, storage racks, window transport racks, glass stillages and rolls for pallets or Euro pallets.