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ELOORAC window transport rack as an alternative to metal transport racks or wooden one-way racks

Large windows and sliding door systems are attached to the Eloorac window transport frame in the conventional way. In addition, wrapping with stretch film makes your product even more secure and also ensures that it is delivered to the customer in a cleaner condition. Up to 8 standard windows can be placed on this window frame with 120 cm long runners. For example, 4 can be set down in the case of anchors with a thickness of up to 22 cm.

Other products such as cardboard-packed front doors or side entrance doors were packed here on an Eloorac transport rack. Transport with electric industrial trucks is possible at any time due to the use of Euro pallets.

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Choose and request about transport racks

Selection according to transport rack height:

142 cm high

166 cm high

190 cm high

Selection by max. product height:

234 cm high

258 cm high

282 cm high

Examples of window transport racks

M80 Standard

1,2 x 0,8

2,4 x 0,8

3,6 x 0,8

x 0,8

M120 Standard

0,8 x 1,2

1,6 x 1,2

2,4 x 1,2

3,2 x 1,2

Basically, window manufacturers have the problem of having the right size of transport racks in stock. The Eloorac system is a good alternative here. Very long window transport frames can be assembled at any time. No matter what length.

This long window transport frame is a good example. This consists of 4 standard transport racks of type “T4HR-M80-QT120”. Smaller windows or sliding door systems can of course also be placed on the frame.

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Videos on the subject of window transport frames

STABI” Plate for bracing

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The stabiliser plate shown does not have to be used. However, the plate makes a high Eloorac frame more stable as long as the goods are not attached to it. Among other things, the effect of the plate and how it is mounted is shown in the “Stabilisation” video. The plates are generally not necessary for lower frames.

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No extra trips due to empty window transport racks

The Eloorac transport system is a good alternative to conventional metal frames as a window transport frame. The big advantage of the Eloorac window transport racks is the simple return of the empty, dismantled racks.

Left half: Empty metal glass transport racks are a thorn in the side of every building owner and site manager. Retrieval is very time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive.
Right half: After the glass has been installed on site, the fitter packs the dismantled glass transport racks into his installation vehicle or onto the trailer. The advantage: lorries no longer have to make the sometimes very long journey to the collection point. Once the assembly team is back in the workshop or at the dealer, the Eloorac transport racks can be easily stacked and temporarily stored.

As soon as several construction sites have been completed and a number of empty window transport racks have been collected, either the window manufacturer’s lorry or any standard forwarding agent can collect the pallets with the dismantled Eloorac transport racks from the dealer and transport them back to the window manufacturer. Assuming that the lorries only have to drive to the construction sites once to deliver the full window transport racks and that there is no need for a second trip to the same location to collect the empty racks, transport cost savings of around 30% – 50% can be expected.

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Fasten goods to the transport rack + crane pallets

Fastening examples

Here are a few examples of fixings. As Eloorac transport racks have a number of openings, a certain degree of flexibility in the positioning of your packaging tape is guaranteed. Most of the openings in the upright A-sections are large enough to allow a roof batten measuring 40/60 mm to be inserted without any problems.

Brace long pallets with goods

The fear that the outer pallets of a long Eloorac transport rack will fall down when it is lifted is unnecessary, as can be seen here. The fact that the goods are professionally secured to the frame and by straps running under the pallet means that the processor has put together a stable package. Nothing moves any more.

For example, a window transport frame consisting of several Eloorac A parts can be assembled not only on Euro pallets, but also on special pallets. The pallet on which the Eloorac T4HR-M120-4-QT200 frame is mounted measures 2.25 x 1.2 metres. The upright A-parts are stiffened by a stabilization plate. This plate and the central crossbar are not absolutely necessary and are therefore considered accessories.

Eloorac offers the “SPREADER” spreader beam to prevent damage to the goods during lifting with the “BEAMER” pallet lifter or by the lifting straps attached to the pallet lifter. Like the pallet lifters, this is available in two sizes. By using the spreader beams, the belts are held far enough away from the goods, which are thus protected against pressure marks or similar.

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Eloorac window frames for thin + tall goods

A key feature of Eloorac window transport frames is their size. Elooracs are available in various sizes as standard. Let’s assume that very narrow windows with a width of 100 cm have to be transported. An Eloorac window transport frame with 120 cm long runners could be used here. The frame is attached to a single Euro pallet so that the basic dimensions are 120 x 80 cm.

The 100 cm wide windows are now placed on the 80 cm wide pallet. The windows then protrude approx. 10 cm on each side, but this is not usually a problem. This is how our Nordic customers, for example, transport their windows on Eloorac window transport racks. In the north, the windows are usually very narrow. The Eloorac system is therefore very convenient for the window manufacturers based there.

Products 0° vertical = space-saving transport on window transport racks

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