Castors under pallets
Eloowheel is the simple solution

Eloosafe Spannklemme

Eloosafe Spannklemme

 Beamer Paletten-Heber

Beamer Paletten-Heber

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Eloorac Gestell Details

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Eloorac Nachhaltigkeit

5.0 | Rolls under pallets 1

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5.1 » 5.0 | Rolls on pallets

Eloowheel | The new “Rolling under pallet system

Eloowheel castors make many pallets rollable

Illustration of the very long Eloorac transport rack, which is more flexible than almost any other roller system due to the Eloowheel transport rollers, which are individually fitted or fastened to the pallets.

Eloowheel is the solution when it comes to rollable Euro pallets. The transport castors are simply attached to the Euro pallet. No matter how many Euro pallets are connected to each other, really every variant can be quickly made rollable. Eloowheel´s are available as fixed or swivel castors. In addition to the normal wooden Euro pallet, Eloowheel´s can also be mounted on “H1” plastic pallets.

Place wheels where necessary

Illustration of different possibilities to make Euro pallets rollable with Eloowheel rollers. The pallet on the left shows swivel castors and fixed castors arranged in the middle of the Euro pallet. The right pallet shows transport castors mounted only on the corners. The middle illustration shows 8 castors on the Euro pallet and is a combination of the left and right pallet.

Eloowheel “rolls under pallets” can be individually mounted where it makes sense. The middle Euro pallet shows the maximum number of rollers on a standard pallet. The left combination of braked swivel castors and fixed castors is ideal for moving in very narrow and winding aisles. This roller arrangement rotates the pallet like a pirouette on the spot.

A popular combination of Eloorac products

Illustration of an Eloorac transport frame used in a joinery. The chipboard or board materials to be processed can be transported directly to the next workplace. Right on the picture you can see a castor with polyurethane tires for sensitive floors. These castors also fit the Eloowheel castor system for mounting on Euro pallets.

One of the most widely used applications. 2 interconnected Euro pallets equipped with an Eloorac transport rack and Eloowheel wheels. This frame has a length of 2.4 meters. With a normal pallet truck, pallets of this length can often only be moved with difficulty. Right to see: Eloowheel with polyurethane coated roller. Load capacity: 350 kg/wheel.

Safety through stabilising rods

Figure of the stabilization bar "Steadystick" from Eloorac for Eloowheel rollers. These swivel castors from Eloorac are simply attached to or under Euro pallets. The stabilising bar serves as a safety device. This prevents the skid of a pallet from buckling.

Stabilizer bar for Eloowheel castors from Eloorac. The Steadystick is a pure safety measure when using Eloowheel rolls on pallets that do not have the necessary stability to transport heavy goods safely. The Steadystick prevents the pallet skids from “buckling” if they are made of rotten wood and a castor turns outwards.

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5.2 » 5.0 | Rolls on pallets

The Eloowheel “Roll under pallet” principle

We try to avoid complicated systems. This is the reason why the Eloowheel roll under pallet system is so incredibly flexible and easy to use. Take a brief look at the graphic below with the explanations. As you can see, there are only 3 different plates that can be fitted with swivel or fixed castors. Our models “EW-FML” and “EW-SML” can even be placed where 2 pallets come together. Therefore, our roll under pallet system allows an infinitely long Euro pallet (purely theoretically). Unfortunately, this does not work for H1 plastic pallets. These can only be made rollable as individual pallets.

 Illustration of how few Eloowheel roller types are required for EPAL and plastic pallets.

Whether swivel castors, fixed castors, polyamide castors or transport castors with polyurethane wheels, all castors have a load capacity of 350 kg per wheel. The dimensions of the mounting shoes refer to the Euro pallet made of wood and the H1 plastic pallets. Many other types of pallets are produced with similar dimensions and can therefore usually also accommodate Eloowheel rolls.

EW = ElooWheel S = Swivel castor (Schwenkrolle / Lenkrolle) F = Fixed castor (Feste Rolle / Bockrolle) C = Corner of pallet (Ecke der Palette) M = Middle of pallet (Mittig der Palette) L = Long pallet site (Lange Paletten Seite) N = Narrow pallet site (Kurze Paletten Seite)

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5.3 » 5.0 | Rolls on pallets

Fixed + swivel castor combinations

The following graphics show examples of rollable pallet combinations. As you can see, a lot is possible. Our product overview and assembly instructions, which you can find under the Downloads, show further details.

Single pallets

Representation of the positioning of Eloowheel transport castors on single Euro or EPAL pallets.
Representation of the positioning of Eloowheel transport castors on single Euro or EPAL pallets.

2 pallets lengthwise

Representation of the positioning of Eloowheel transport castors on 2 connected Euro pallets or EPAL pallets.
Representation of the positioning of Eloowheel transport castors on 2 connected Euro pallets or EPAL pallets.
Illustration of the positioning of 4 steerable Eloowheel transport rolls and 2 fixed rolls on 2 longitudinally connected EURO or EPAL pallets. With this combination of rolls, one person alone can turn the pallet on the spot like a pirouette. No second person is needed if the pallet has to be moved and steered to another place.
Illustration of the positioning of 6 steerable Eloowheel transport rolls on 2 interconnected Euro pallets or EPAL pallets. This version is very agile and is one of the bestsellers.

Several pallets lengthwise and crosswise

Illustration of the positioning of Eloowheel transport rolls on 3 and 4 interconnected Euro pallets or EPAL pallets. Any pallet length can be made rollable or movable with the Eloowheel roller system.
Illustration of the positioning of Eloowheel transport rolls on 2 or 3 crosswise connected Euro pallets or EPAL pallets. The stabilizing bar which connects the castors is available in different lengths.

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5.4 » 5.0 | Rolls on pallets

Videos for handling the pluggable castors

This video makes the principle of the Eloowheel castors even clearer. It not only shows the tool-free assembly of the swivel castors as well as the fixed castors. Above all, the incredible flexibility in terms of pallet length makes it clear to the viewer that there is hardly a comparable roller system with similar advantages.

In this video we show how to lift a Euro pallet with the Eloorac lifter so that Eloowheel rolls can be mounted on the pallet. The lifter is a very useful tool which replaces a lift truck. It’s a good thing, that the lifter can be dismantled and can be stored space-saving in every assembly vehicle.

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5.5 » 5.0 | Rolls on pallets

Castor mounting with the lift

Lifter correctly inserted to lift the pallet

Lift for lifting pallets to mount Eloowheel castors underneath a pallet. The Euro pallet is raised on one side by approx. 17 cm. The lift rod must then be pressed to the floor by one person. Another person can now clamp the Eloowheel castors or fixed castors to the pallet.

The functionality of the lift is very simple. You drive into the opening of the Euro pallet which does not have a bottom board. By simply pulling down or pushing the lever bar, the 2 lifting parts lift the pallet. In any case, the user instructions on the lever bar must be observed. This can move uncontrolled in uneven terrain back up to the starting position. The rod must always be held down by another person.

Assembly of the lifter for wheel mounting

Illustration sequence of the assembly of an Eloorac lift pallet lifter for the assembly of Eloowheel transport rollers. The lift consists of 3 parts. The two lifting parts and a lever bar. Here you can see that the assembly requires only a few steps.

The lift was actually only designed because one question was often asked: “What do I do if there is no forklift on site and I have to mount the Eloowheel castors on a packed Euro pallet? The aim was to design a tool that could be dismantled and stored in a space-saving way. The lift consists of 2 lifting parts and a lever rod with split pin. The picture shows the simple assembly. Required time: 10 – 20 seconds.

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5.6 » 5.0 | Rolls on pallets

Eloowheel castors in use

Rollers for Euro pallets and H1 plastic pallets

The Eloowheel castors can be inserted by the arrangement of the fixing holes on H1 plastic pallets and Euro pallets.

Eloowheel on H1 plastic pallets

Pallets with rollers for use on construction site

Individual Eloowheel transport rollers and a disassembled Eloorac transport rack are located on the shelf of an assembly vehicle. A Euro-pallet with Eloowheel transport rollers and the Eloorac A-frame is packed with Knauf plasterboard.

For many assembly vehicles it makes sense to have Eloowheel castors on board. Heavy products often have to be moved on construction sites. Admittedly, our rolls under pallets system doesn’t work on every construction site, but where it works, time, money and back pain are saved.

Swivel castors & fixed rolls on H1 plastic pallets for bakeries

Situations can be seen in the bakery. Eloowheel rolls have been placed under H1 plastic pallets. Due to the central arrangement of the swivel casters and fixed rolls, the pallets are even more maneuverable. A greater load, as in this case caused by sacks of ingredients, is possible without further ado.

In very confined spaces, manoeuvring heavy pallets is not always a pleasure. One example is in the bakery: With the Eloowheel variant EW1-2SC-2FML, in which the rolls are placed in the middle of the pallet, it is possible to rotate the pallet on one spot like a pirouette.

Heavy duty materials can be rolled on any pallet

Eloowheel's steerable castors for use on special pallets. Thanks to the simple plug-in solution, the castors, each with a load capacity of 350 kg, can be attached to pallets in a very flexible way. For example, if 6 casters are not enough, you could simply place a SEVENTH caster, for example, at a place on the pallet that is particularly loaded.

Especially heavy and unwieldy machine parts are not always so easy to move with a forklift or pallet truck. The swivel castors and fixed castors of the Eloowheel roller system are a welcome alternative in order to guarantee flexibility in production or at the customer’s site.

1. Exhibition stand construction Mobility

A 4.8 metre long Eloorac stand construction transport frame is loaded with 4.5 metre long chipboard intended for an exhibition stand and is driven on Eloowheel transport rollers through the production of a stand construction company or joinery.

2. pallet rolls

Detail of the Eloowheel transport castors with stabilizing bar on a Euro pallet in the view from below.

3. Goods in elevator

Doors standing on an Eloorac transport frame are easily pushed into an elevator by the Eloorac Eloowheel transport rollers attached to the Euro pallet.

4. Gypsum assembly on site

A picture of an Eloorac transport frame with Eloowheel swivel castors and fixed castors. The mounting frame is mounted on a Euro pallet. This Eloorac A-frame is loaded with plasterboard from Knauf or Rigips and can be easily moved from room to room on the construction site.

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5.7 » 5.0 | Rolls on pallets

What else is possible with our pallet rolls?

Space-saving & flexible transport wheels for pallets

Eloowheel castors for pallets can easily be stored in crates or cages. Many trolleys require a lot of space.

The problem in many companies: Trolleys that are often difficult to move and clumsy, require a lot of storage space when they are not needed. With the Eloowheel Transport “Roll under Pallet” System valuable storage space is saved. If you need a rollable pallet, simply place the Eloowheel castors under pallets that need to be mobile. For example, goods that have just been delivered can be immediately pushed into a corner where they do not disturb. Now you say “but we have pallet trucks and forklifts. With them we get everything moved”. Valuable time is lost in the search for lift trucks. Also our “Roll under pallet” system fits well into different workflows. If pallets always have to be pushed just a little further, it makes no sense to work with lift trucks or forklifts. Once the goods on the rollable pallet have arrived at the end of production, they can be pushed directly from there to the shipping department. When loading the Euro pallets, the Eloowheels are then removed from the pallets and placed in a lattice box. When the lattice box is full, it is brought to the beginning of production so that the rolls can be put under other pallets again.

Flexibility through Eloowheel in trade fair construction

A very long Eloorac stand construction frame on which  long, coated chipboards stand. Eloowheel transport castors make it very easy to move the transport frame in the joinery and at the trade fair.

Especially in trade fair construction, too small transport racks are often the subject of complaints. If there are large racks, it is usually not possible to move them. Often the lift trucks are too short or there is not enough space for a forklift truck.

Illustration of how Eloorac transport racks can be made mobile using Eloowheel transport rollers, which are simply attached to the pallet. The Eloowheel rollers can also be used to move special pallets.

Special pallets can also be made rollable with Eloowheel swivel castors as well as fixed castors. Only the skid widths of the special pallet should be within the dimensional range of the Euro pallet. Normally, this should not be a problem. Most pallets have been made movable with the Eloorac roller system so far.

1. Rolling exhibition pallet

Packed exhibition stand construction pallets are unloaded from the truck. Before the pallets are placed on the floor, Eloowheel casters are placed on the pallets.

2. Stand construction Roll pallet

Long packed exhibition stand construction pallets are unloaded from the truck. Before the pallets are placed on the floor, Eloowheel rolls are placed on the lying pallets.

3. Natural stone trolley

Natural stone slabs standing on an Eloorac transport frame are transported on Eloowheel transport rolls under a Euro pallet through the Steinmetz workshop.

4. Trolley for dry construction

Eloowheel rolls mounted on different pallet combinations

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5.8 » 5.0 | Rolls on pallets

Transport wheels for EPAL and H1 pallets

Eloowheel on EPAL pallets

Braked, steerable Eloowheel castors from Eloorac on an EPAL pallet or Euro pallet.

In order to make Euro pallets or EPAL pallets move in places where no lift trucks, forklifts or heavy roll carts are available, the Eloowheel transport roller system was developed. The base plate to which the rolls are attached is held to the pallets by a simple plug connection.

Eloowheel on H1 plastic pallets

Braked, steerable Eloowheel transport wheels from Eloorac on a H1 plastic pallet.

The Eloowheel base plate offers a variety of plug-in options. It is not only designed for wooden Euro pallets but also for H1 plastic pallets. The Eloowheel transport roller system is therefore even more flexible.

Rollable Euro pallets for drywall construction

Gypsum plasterboard panels are placed on an Eloorac transport rack which is used as a trolley for drywall construction by means of the Eloowheel casters inserted under the pallet.

Plasterboard is often in the way on building sites. The reason is that they are usually stored lying down and a lift truck is of no help here. One solution is the stable Eloorac transport rack. If you then add Eloowheel rolls under the pallet, you have a very flexible trolley on which you can even store plasterboards upright.

Remarkable is the fact that your employees do not have to walk long distances to the pallet. The packed pallet with our “Roll Under Pallet” System is simply pushed a little further to the place where the plasterboards are to be processed. Once a room is finished, the full pallet is simply pushed further into the next room. If no time and money is saved now, then when?

Moving heavy loads by rolling under pallets

Eloowheel rolls are mounted under a very heavy cement pallet.

Eloowheel transport rolls for pallets can be loaded with 350 kg/roll as standard. This allows relatively high loads to be moved. However, it should be borne in mind that the pallet with rolls has to be moved by hand and the condition of the Euro pallet is very important for loading. Broken pallets or defective pallets will break apart relatively quickly under high loads. Rolls with high load-bearing capacity do not help.

This page is about rolls under pallets

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